Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Jom ke JOM!

Anda akan menyambung pengajian ke UK atau Ireland?
Anda bakal terbang dalam masa terdekat?
Anda risau akan apa bekalan anda untuk ke sana?

Jom ke 'J.O.M.' pada 26-28 July 2010!!

"Ever wondered what it's like to spend the next couple of years abroad on your own? You're not alone. Because we are here to help! 

Now we know for a fact that as future undergraduates of top universities in the UK and Ireland, most of you may have your own concerns about all sorts of things - your studies, the gloomy weather, the front row seats at Old Trafford, Boxing Day shopping along the famous Oxford Street, halal food, accommodation, and what will you face as a Muslim. That's why we are bringing you JOM! 2010 to answer most, if not all of your questions!

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