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Met Syeikh Solah from Misr at CUCMS - was a wow.

Mon Mon Graduation Day

KAF 2011. Experiencing a public program in dnt :)

Eid 2011

Awesome view inside the BTS mall.

Found this video in my hard disk. Miss the moment :-(

Final Year Project final presentation.
In Monash University library, struggling with the Final Year Project.
Wonderful view of Pantai Bersih, Penang.
Friends 2010 Graduation

My first time being into Perhimpunan Palestin. I'm so inspired.

Masjid Shah Alam
Selamat Pengantin Baru, Abang. We waited at the wrong masjid for the akad nikah ceremony.
Assignment 2 Engineering Design 3. Industrial Case Study.
Rehlah to Taman Pertanian, Bukit Cerakah. Having fun, plus the over-shine sun and the over-humid air :-P
At the KLCC with rombongan SKPHW. Being there as an ex-student and anak cekgu.
MIS Appreciation Dinner.
At the kampung. Bike racing with adik-adik. Complete lost.
Rumah Nazihah. Berziarah during the mid-semester break.
The Muntalaq.
Free car park but high price for your own security.
The surau.
Library with the new set of carpet (2010).
From the view of MIS booth. Yelah tu nothing moves without mech. engineers.
Happy Birthday, Athirah and dik Amira (2010)
A car just jumped over the drain into the paddy field. On my way from Seremban to Kuala Pilah.
Climb up to the mast assembly, the highest part of a crane. I need to pin my scarf to my shirt because it was very windy up there.
The huge tower crane was still in installation stage.
Butterfly shape cloud can be observed from the company site.
Traveling from Subang Jaya to Seremban, during internship 2009-2010