Sunday, 6 May 2012

Having Triplet Nephews :)

I had mentioned about my triplet twin nephews in one of my previous posts. They were born a week after my marriage, quite a time after my sister-in-law first started to feel the pain. We even asked the kadi if we could change the wali with someone else besides my brother (of course we can't). So finally brother had to come from KL and performed as the wali, leaving her wife struggling in the hospital alone. Okay it sounds tragic, but that is what I feel about it. What made the feel worst, was when I got the news that brother's father-in-law passed away 3 days after the babies were born.

My sister-in-law and her father were both detained in the same hospital for few months. She looked like a 9 months pregnant lady during the 4th month pregnancy. You can imagine the size at 7th -and why she needed to stay in the hospital early. They managed to meet each other in her ward when the father was discharged once. But at last the grandpa and the grandchildren never had a chance to meet each other. The babies heard grandpa's voice from mama's tummy, I believe.

And here they are, Dayyan Arman, Dayyan Arfan and Dayyan Aryan bin Azrul Aminurashid. Please don't ask me which one for each because even the parents don't have the answers by just-the-look he he.

(Pictures from brother's FB.)

Actually, I haven't visited them since they were discharged from the ward. I miss them. To kiss, to touch and to hold. And suddenly I become dreamy....... hi hi.

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