Thursday, 23 June 2011

Be Stylo Dude

Yesterday was awesome. I've never thought that I would get such experience. Being natural, historical, classical and educational are perfect enough to appreciate the trip. It started on the day before when I received a message from my friend, inviting me to join a trip to FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) organized by GRN Monash. Thanks A.H. I was glad but a lil bit nervous because I am neither an environmental management student nor a GRN representative. But never mind lah. Since I was a kid, I love to learn things about our nature. I used that as ticket to inspire myself.

The welcoming show from the Arapaimas. I got ghost bumps after seeing them. Fish, why are you so big? Why?

The tree at the left picture was planted during Japanese ruling in 1940s. Tree at the right picture was planted by Queen Elizabeth II after she ascended the throne in 1960s. They're not in the same size. Trust me.

Our first entrance into the forest. Mr. Ang, our guide talked about supporting roots. And symbiosis - something romantic.

Loving the gaps and borders between the leaves. Subhanallah.

No wonder Tarzan mistakenly swung on a snake. Take a closer look and they look the same!

These beautiful scenes were not captured well by camera as well seen by our own naked eyes. Being there would make you drop your jaw on the ground (exaggerate).

Again, fell in love with the tolerances between the leaves of each tree.

Mr. Ang explained about Pokok Jelutong. I thought Jelutong, Macang and Kulim are the name of places in Malaysia. Can you believe that once upon a time chewing gums were made of this? But they were far healthier than today's chewing gums. Interesting!

Whoa! This is described by Mr. Ang as natural toilet ha ha. Subhanallah what a unique creation.

And etc. etc. Too many pictures. We entered the FRIM museum as well but I didn't capture any picture because I saw the no camera sign. I'm proud to be a schema.

The nature made me realize how tiny we are, compared to the other God creations. We are weak. For example, if I throw you into the Arapaima's pond, what will happen to you? Or if I leave you in the forest for a day, will you survive - or a better question, are you still alive on the next day? 

We're only big within our community and machines.

Rasulullah s.a.w. strongly prevented us from destroying plants and animals, even during a war. 

Sadly, we're killing the nature slowly by our own habits, lifestyles and attitudes, without any presence of war.

Love the nature. Be stylo, don't use plastic bag.

p.s. Bumi yang tiada rimba, seumpama hamba....lalala.


eushahida farizza said...

weee saya pernah pergi sini! haah ikan tu besau. hik2.

Munashah said...

yeke eu pernah pergi? sama tak feeling dia? :-P

eLeA haNnAj said...

lawanye view, esp yg pokok2 tuh;)

Munashah said...

Tengok live lagi best Jannah :-)