Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Note for My Beloved M

I have this imagination of a story line where you walked to the door and saw a letter from me underneath it. It's written there:

"I've finished the 'Fun Yee Pee' thingy yesterday. It was like a new date of national independent day. No more reports. No more assignments. No more tutorials. No more labs (but our last lab was cool because we played with colorful balloons). No more. No more.

We're entering the study week now. Places in university are going to have this dull smell. Everybody turns to a new species of polite, silent zombi with panda eyes. For all these situations we're facing, the feels of worth would exist only if we have good reasons for being here. I wanted the undergrad degree title. And why?

The yesterdays were worst. I expected too much. It was just because I wanted to be the best so that I can proudly stand beside you. You're the best. You're the best. I'm not.

I hope you're here now to share with me the stories of spring. I hope you read the notes I wrote for you in the night  sky. I hope you received the news from the moon. Meet moon. Moon is such a good friend of mine.

Allah, please bless us with Your love. We're standing here under Your love, for Your love. Please give the chances for us to do so.

There's a saying: We only part to meet again.

So, lets make our journeys sweet."

p.s. Jauh

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