Sunday, 3 April 2011

So what's next?

That was me putting great effort to climb up the crane.

What's next?

This question popped into my mind while I was working on my control assignment. I couldn't think. Then I started to scratch all over my head and face. It's the beginning of  the 6th week of my last semester, means the end of the first half of the game is just around the corner. People and colleagues started to survey around on their future plan. And I'm still figuring out. Feeling dump. Daa.. This is going to be a hard question.

Yesterday during the TOPS program, I met a nice sister offering me a placement as an RA or a master student in Uniten. Yah doing master is part of my dream. But I still scratched my face around.

I remember the first time I stepped my feet into Monash. It was a cool feeling, changing your life phase from a college student into university. Though the memories flashed in with bad performance, very blur because I don't want to remember them, yet they were still nice and beautiful...

My childhood dream job.

I wanted to be a pilot once. For me pilot is a cool job. Everybody wanted to be a pilot, including me, who  stared at the flight when they flew over every evening while I was standing in front of paddy field. It's your fault, mr. pilot. Why did you fly the flight over my head when I was building my dreams? But but, being a pilot is impossible for me. I gave a thought then.

On my high school life, there was a day in 'bilik rehat aspuri', I was joining these girls in their mood of Korean and Japanese drama. Here comes the heroic look pilot in 'Good Luck!' performed by Takuya Kimura (the first time I pronounced it as Takura Kimuya). I was upset after seeing him in his charismatic uniform. Jealouuuus...

Then, came this girl with her gorgeous appearance - unique style plus her stain uniform. A flight mechanic. I was attracted by I-do-not-know-what. But this 'machine-related-life' job was really attracting me. It's stylo, tough, crazy, etc. That was when the dream to be an engineer came across my mind.

I wanted to be an engineer after watching a Japanese drama. 'Nice' starting. My motivation is lacking everytime I remember that. Frankly, studying engineering is not paradise at all. Unless, you stick with a correct intention, pure heart and sweet motivation. Combine them as lillahi ta'ala.

Stress? Naaa... but it's fun to put your colleagues under pressure.

So, what's next? I sort of have a plan in my mind, nevertheless I'm totally depending on what Allah has planned for me. I might end up as a housewife as well. A sweet one I mean. We never know.


p/s: Thinking to change the background picture. Strong blue puts me into headache.


miss harti said...

xbace abes lg post ni, tp xtau nk conteng kat mane da sbb xde chat box.. jd ckp kat sini.....

saya nak cakap....... canteklah b/ground baru!!! cantek sgt!! suke2!!

Munashah said...

ha ha. funny la ziha ni.

tapi pada saya warna b/g ni memang common/suit untuk awak. :-)