Saturday, 30 April 2011

Of Emotional Ties

The older version of the blog. Funny malay-english translation by GT.

If people ask what makes me write in the blog, I'll say there are two of them - to solve and to define. I usually write when a problem was solved then I summarize it as writing so that it can be reviewed in the form of a synopsis. When a 'hole' detected in the plot, I'll take an action to correct it. For sure, it's a live action, not word limitation in the blog.

Plus plus, writing makes me view myself as different person. My task is to define 'this person' and criticize her. Once the 'publish' button clicked, tada problems were then already defined (and solved too) by this person who criticized me in her blog.

It's a big fat lie if one doesn't judge itself.

God. For a moment I just punch the dislike button when I go back to my hometown. The feeling is like jumping into pool of memories. It's weird when you are not able to memorize most things through your head but certain stuff flow like smooth water once it knocks your heart. And definitely, like river flow, they bring up uncertainties to the downstream. Silent.

I hate it when it comes to certain stages, I turn to be a person with emotion side that even cannot be coped by my own imagination. Few things create strong emotional ties. I start to cry sympathetically every time I see this one lecturer and I don't know why. Sometimes I observe too much about someone unrelated to me - in any aspect. These ties... God. They strangle me at the throat.

I'll never understand myself.

p.s. No worries. I usually turn to a psychopathic megalomaniac once I put a step on my hometown land. Culture shock. Again and again.

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