Monday, 23 March 2009


Another interesting story noted on last fortnight. When my friend Athirah and I went to the car park after the last class, she pointed on a 'love message' that was written on my car. It said, “****, wash your car lah!” It was totally true that my car needed a wash as the letters could be seen clearly through the dusty dirty white car. And of course, it was a shocking evening for me. I have never heard such bad words said to me.

But anyway, all I should do is thanking the guy who sent the message. At least, he made me wash my car a day after that. Before that, all I could say when I saw my car was, “Oh God, when should I wash him?” or “Okay guys, just get in and don’t say anything about my car” and then my friends were all giggling geli hati. I believe that I won’t be forced to take some time to wash my car if I didn’t read the message.

Did I say that it was a shocking evening? Actually it was a shocking and spirit-bursting evening! I was reminded that beauty is a part of dakwah. Remember 10 Muwasafat Tarbiyyah? Just imagine that you’re invited to Islam which is syamil, kamil and mutakamil but then when you see his/her car…. Err!

Once again, thanks ‘dude’ for the reminder.


We usually need Islam to be an optimistic thinker in every situation. I admire the character Fahri in the novel AAC. The way he views the bad comments about his wife Aisha on his university’s media inspires me to look at the bad words from the bright sight. It does sound like unrelated story but that’s what really happening. There was another case related, when I was asked for an opinion about a problem. Once again, I jumped into the the similar situation in the novel where a girl Noura asked Fahri the same thing just like in the problem - but it's not that I took his answers as my opinion but I put myself in his situation for judgement for the answers.

On the other hand, there’s a lot more scenes that inspires me. I think this is great - where we have this character besides Rasulullah saw and his Companions as references especially from an individual who also lives in modern life like us and we could see how he deals his problems through it.

(Besides, I admire Aisha too but it’s not because of niqab. I wore it even before I watch AAC. If you are looking for a modern and very faithful women, she's the closest one. It’s undeniable if I say Aisha inspires me about how to wear better niqab but it’s wrong if people say that I wore it because I was excited to chase a good guy just like her husband. I remarked this because some people made fun of me. Remember again Al-Hujurat?

This is not an obsession about the dream guy –which is viewed as a perfect character by some of my friends. This is not about thinking dirgantara about future husband but this is an inspiration to be a great Muslim.)

p/s: Baca pasal Freemason pun seronok.

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