Tuesday, 14 October 2008

From Hostel to Medan

One fine day, I went to Medan as usual with that kind of kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang face. People usually claim why studying overseas produced much more excellent cooks than local student. I would like to share another answer (you know the main answer already); because in here we have pak cik’s nasi campur. You don’t need to waste time to rush to sunway pyramid (usually wasted by other intents). No need to urge yourself after class to cook. Just singgah sebentar at Medan, pick your favorite one among those various lauk-pauk, take out your purse (and you know what you should do then). Rather than wasting another 10 ringgits just for transportation to sunway pyramid, then buy the stuffs in bulks and watch them expire in your kitchen. We have choices in here. But these are not the reasons for women to avoid cooking. That’s another story.

Back to the main story, I went there with Hayati and Atiqah. Walking with friends harmoniously will create a world paradise better than Auckland. Passing the so called dataran abu dzar (named from the ‘ghuraba’ness of that place), burger stall, pak cik guards (those who asked for my hostel card sometimes just to see my true face), and the Medan itself sometimes looks like a countryside (ha ha). This life is soooo pretty.

Burden with works sometimes is great. Sitting on library’s red chair without any intention sometimes bores. Chatter-box-ing in surau usually annoys. No assignment doesn’t mean that you free. You will feel your brain’s empty.

Sounds like a poem pulak.

This harmonious life doesn’t stay long for me (maybe). I have to arrange my new harmonious timetable life starting from the next step. Nothing is yet expected. Maybe starts cooking, pick-up trashes by your own every week (not bad), maybe higher view, self straight discipline, self-study, giggling on your own, or maybe much much better than those? Nothing is expected yet.

I may not able to hear the noisy sink pipes, or the loud of TV watcher (he he), or the messy table, or I may not able to hear, “Auni, boleh pinjam penyapu?” anymore.
I may not be able to hear the bad compliment from hostel management about the kitchen.
I may not able to singgah and buat kacau at rumah bawah anymore.

Sound disappointing but not yet a gain neither a loss.

There’s one thing found; a further view of life. Viewing from another side of view, would gives you another space of fresh air to breath. While looking at the wider and prettier sky, would presents you as new you. A more thankful me.

These custom life should be enjoyable, not just memories.


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